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Academic Policies

AC17 Sabbatical Leave (Formerly HR17)
AC25 Emeritus Status (Formerly HR25)
AC47 General Standards of Professional Ethics – Under Review (Formerly AD47)
AC61 Faculty Contracts (Formerly HR61)
AC64 Academic Freedom (Formerly HR64)

Academic Guidelines


Administrative Policies

AD00 Policy on Policies – Under Review
AD09 Notary Public Services – Retired
AD10 Unassigned Page – Moved (See AD61)
AD12 Sexual Assault, Relationship and Domestic Violence, and Stalking – Moved (See AD85)
AD17 Royalty Payments for Course Materials – Moved (See IP04)
AD19 Use of Penn State Identification Number and Social Security Number – Moved (See ADG08)
AD20 Computer and Network Security – Retired (See AD95)
AD23 Use of Institutional Data – Retired (See AD96)
AD33 A Drug-Free Workplace – Under Review
AD36 Unassigned Page – Moved (See IP01)
AD37 Unassigned Page – Moved (See IP06)
AD41 Sexual Harassment – Moved (See AD85)
AD42 Statement on Nondiscrimination and Harassment – Moved (See AD85)
AD43 Statement on HIV/AIDS – Retired
AD44 University Storage Space Management – Retired
AD45 Unassigned Page – Moved (See also AD61)
AD46 Policy Governing Copyright Clearance – Moved (See IP05)
AD47 General Standards of Professional Ethics – Moved (See AC47)
AD48 Unassigned Page – Moved (See also IP02)
AD63 Workflow Policy – Retired
AD66 Service Animal Policy – Under Review
AD71 Data Categorization – Retired (See AD95)
AD80 Identity and Access Management (IAM) – Retired (See AD95)

Administrative Guidelines

ADG01 Glossary of Computer Data and System Terminology – Retired (See AD95)
ADG02 Computer Security (formerly Computer Facility Security) – Retired (See AD95)
ADG03 Unassigned Page – Retired
ADG07 Data Categorization Examples – Retired (See AD95)


Financial Policies

FN13 Unassigned Page – Moved

Financial Guidelines

Human Resources

Notice Regarding HR Policies & Guidelines

Many of the University's HR Policies and Guidelines are currently under review. After consultation with key constituencies, work will be underway to update, consolidate, and improve our policies to better serve you. As part of this effort, policies which are no longer in use have been removed from the list below. Please be aware that due to volume all policies may not be updated to reflect changes which have been communicated, however, policies will be updated with appropriate and applicable effective dates. Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.

Human Resources Policies

HR03 Delivery of Human Resources Services – Retired
HR06 Types of Appointments – Under Review
HR10 Distinguished Professorships – Moved (See AC10)
HR13 Recommended Procedure for Hiring New Faculty – Moved (See AC13)
HR17 Sabbatical Leave – Moved (See AC17)
HR18 Graduate Study Leave of Absence – Moved (See AC18)
HR21 Definition of Academic Ranks – Moved (See AC21)
HR22 Search Procedures for Academic Administrative Positions – Moved (See AC22)
HR23 Promotion and Tenure Procedures and Regulations – Moved (See AC23)
HR24 Professional Dual Titles for Research Rank Faculty – Moved (See AC24)
HR25 Emeritus Status – Moved (See AC25)
HR40 Annual Evaluation of Faculty Performance – Moved (See AC40)
HR61 Faculty Contracts – Moved (See AC61)
HR64 Academic Freedom HR64 – Moved (See AC64)
HR70 Dismissal Procedure for Tenured and Tenure-Eligible Faculty Members – Moved (See AC70)
HR76 Faculty Rights and Responsibilities – Moved (See AC76)
HR77 University-Named Career Development Professorships – Moved (See AC77)
HR80 Private Consulting Practice – Moved (See AC80)
HR81 University-Named Professorships – Moved (See AC81)
HR82 University-Named Chairs – Moved (See AC82)
HR83 University Endowed Fellowships – Moved (See AC83)
HR85 Affiliate Academic Appointments – Moved (See AC85)
HR87 Evan Pugh Professorships – Moved (See AC87)
HR88 Alternatives to Full-Time, Year-Around Employment – Moved (See HR105)
HR93 University-Named Dean's Chairs – Moved (See AC93)
HR94 University-Named Department Head's Chairs – Moved (See AC94)

Human Resources Guidelines

HRG08 Determining Effective Date of Appointment for Faculty Members Hired at the Beginning of a Semester or Summer Session – Moved (See ACG08)
HRG09 Clinical Faculty Appointments for Milton S. Hershey Medical Center Physicians and Health Care Providers – Moved (See ACG09)
HRG15 Regulations Regarding Use of Support Funds and Receiving Outside Compensation During Sabbatical Leaves of Absence – Moved (See ACG15)
HRG17 Requests for Reduction of Prior Tenure Credit – Moved (See ACG17)


Research Administration Policies

Research Protections Policies

Research Administration Guidelines

Research Protections Guidelines


Safety Policies