About Penn State Policies

Policies Repository

Welcome to the new University-wide policies repository hosted by the University Libraries at https://policy.psu.edu.  

Procedures and forms will continue to be maintained by the Office of the Corporate Controller. Navigation to procedures and forms will be included as part of the policies repository.

For more information on the new policies repository transition, please contact Curtis Hill, University Records Management Officer.

Penn State Policies

Penn State Policies provides the current, official policies and guidelines approved and made public by the Board of Trustees and officers of the University. University Policies are policies with broad application throughout the University system, designed to enhance the University’s mission, promote operational efficiencies, and reduce institutional risk. Such policies help ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, promote ethical standards and integrity, and are approved in accordance with applicable procedures.

Units should link to the policies on this site rather than replicate policies in their entirety to ensure that the Penn State community accesses the most current versions. Unit-specific policies may exist that apply only to that unit, and are not in conflict with those approved and made public by the Board of Trustees and officers of the University. Unit-specific policies are not included on this site.

Questions about a policy, and its review or revision should be sent to the policy Subject Matter Expert. The subject matter expert’s name is located near the top of each policy.

Other University Policies