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BS02 University Mailing Lists

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Associate Vice President for Auxiliary & Business Services


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    To state University policy governing the release, distribution and use of all University mailing lists (not including internal distribution lists covered by Policy HR15).


    In order to protect the security of University mailing lists, as well as maintaining quality standards and the control of postage costs, the release or distribution of any University mailing list or the contracting with any outside vendor for the purpose of "the distribution of University related material "must be approved by the Director of Business Services. Departments or campuses of the University should contact the Office of Business Services, 117 Business Services Building, University Park, PA 16802; telephone number 814-865-3061.


    For questions, additional detail, or to request changes to this policy, please contact the Office of the Associate Vice President, Auxiliary & Business Services.

    Effective Date: March 6, 1998 

    Date Approved: February 25, 1998 

    Date Published: March 11, 1998 (Editorial changes- October 25, 2013)

    Most Recent Changes:

    • October 25, 2013 - Editorial changes. Addition of policy steward information, in the event that there are questions or requests for changes to the policy.

    Revision History (and effective dates):

    • June 14, 2006 - Revision History added.
    • March 6, 1998 - Revised renumber and relocate Policy BS02 from AD22.
    • June 29, 1993 - Update HR15 reference (previously PS15).
    • February 22, 1991 - Position Title updates.
    • April 7, 1987 - Major Revisions.
    • December 10, 1985 - New Policy.