Introduction - Business Services Policies


The following Business Services policies affect faculty and staff members of the University. These policies have been promulgated by the appropriate officers of the University within their delegated responsibilities from the Board of Trustees.

In observing these policies, Business Services recognizes its responsibilities to provide the highest quality products and services to the University community. We fulfill these needs via the following respective Departments:

  • Document Services
    • Customer Services
    • Copy Centers
    • Addressing & Mailing
    • Printing
    • Copyright Clearance
    • Courier Express
  • Transportation Services
    • Bus Services
    • Fleet
    • Parking
  • Procurement and Materials Management
    • Purchasing
    • General Stores
    • Salvage and Surplus
    • Computer Repair
    • Travel Services
    • Licensing
  • Bookstore

Service rendered to University personnel by the personnel within Business Services will be more beneficial through an understanding of these policies.

The Associate Vice President for Auxiliary & Business Services is responsible for, and the Policy Steward of, the Business Services section of the Policy Manual. Questions regarding these policies should be directed to the Policy Steward except where otherwise indicated within the policies.

Future Business Services policy statements, or revisions of these policy statements, will be released for inclusion in this Policy Manual when they become effective

October 24, 2013

Business Services Policies