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HR74 Staff Vacancy Announcement Procedure Penn State Human Resources

Policy Status: 

Under Review

Subject Matter Expert: 

Lori Yacisin, 814-865-9343,

Policy Steward: 

Vice President for Human Resources

POLICY'S INITIAL DATE: February 9, 1973




To provide the process to fill open Standing and Fixed-Term I positions (See HR01, Fair Employment Practices.)


Whenever a college or administrative unit wants to fill an open Staff position, the Human Resources Representative shall submit a request to Recruitment and Compensation for the position to be posted on Penn State's electronic job posting system.

The position will then be posted for a minimum period of one week on Penn State's electronic job posting system and will include the job title and level, college and/or administrative unit, campus location, and a brief description of the position's responsibilities. Individuals who wish to express interest in a posted position may do so by following the directions on the job posting system for submitting requested materials.

Per Policy HR99, postings must include language concerning background checks being required if:

  1. A current employee would be required to complete a background check (e.g. for positions working with minors), or
  2. Additional background checks beyond the standard background check process (criminal & child abuse checks) are required (e.g. for positions responsible for driving University vehicles or handling significant amounts of cash).


In addition to posting an open position on the Penn State job posting system, positions may also be advertised in other appropriate publications, as determined by the college or administrative unit. To insure that language used in advertising complies with State and Federal legislation and maintains a standard of public relations, all requests for advertising should be placed through the electronic job posting system to be reviewed by the Recruitment and Compensation division.


The University at all times desires to fill all open positions with the best qualified persons available. To be considered for an open position, an individual expressing interest in a position must meet the listed qualifications. The college or administrative unit will then review qualified candidates' submitted materials to determine if further consideration, such an interview, should take place.

The college or administrative unit will be responsible for the final selection of each Staff employee hired. The Dean or administrative officer whose area has the vacancy shall be responsible for ensuring steps are taken to uphold the University's commitment to affirmative action in employment. (See HR01, Fair Employment Practices.)

Recruitment and Compensation shall assist the employing college or administrative unit by coordinating external advertising, and by providing general advice on the employment process, and/or providing consulting advice on salary offers.

All offers of employment must be contingent upon successful reference and background checks. (See HR99 Background Check Process).


HR01 - Fair Employment Practices

HR99 - Background Check Process

Date Approved: 

March 1, 2012

Date Published: 

March 1, 2012

Effective Date: 

March 1, 2012