Academic Policies

AC13 Recommended Procedure for Hiring New Faculty (Formerly HR13)

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Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs




  • Purpose
  • Recruitment of Candidates
  • Selection of Candidates
  • Guidelines
  • Notification of Candidates

    To outline responsibilities in the process of hiring new regular faculty members.


    The Dean of each College is responsible for the staffing of teaching and research positions within the approved budget of that College. Questions regarding the budgeting of such positions should be referred to the University Budget Office.

    1. Within the framework of a college, the recruiting of candidates to staff these positions primarily is the responsibility of the department head, division head, or chief executive officer, as appropriate.

    2. As a part of the recruiting procedure, candidates shall be furnished with a copy of the memorandum, Conditions of Academic Employment, prepared by the Office of Human Resources that includes information about:
      1. Conditions of employment; loyalty oath and tax withholding.
      2. Personal benefits; group life insurance, health care coverages (including hospital/surgical/major medical, dental and vision care), retirement and social security, tenure and the like.


    While the practices in selection of candidates differ in the several colleges a position will be offered to a candidate only upon the prior approval by the dean as to the candidate and as to the terms of employment.

    National advertising is required for tenure-line or tenured faculty positions. Exceptions to this policy should be approved by the Executive VicePresident and Provost in consultation with the Affirmative Action Officer.


    The following general guidelines will apply in searching to fill such faculty positions:

    1. Advisory search committees, appointed by the unit's academic administrator after appropriate consultation, will be formed to identify candidates.

    2. Faculty members shall be on all search committees. The majority of members of a search committee should be faculty members from the academic unit or those who hold joint appointments with the academic unit in which the appointment will be made.

    3. Faculty members from other academic units, administrators, members of the staff, and students may be included on search committees as appropriate.

    4. The general charge to search committees will be to identify qualified candidates. The unit's academic administrator will provide specific charges, as appropriate, within the framework of this general charge applicable to all advisory search committees.

    5. The search committee will present its recommendations of candidates to the unit's academic administrator, who will choose candidates for further consideration from these recommendations. (If the search needs to be continued or reopened, it will be according to the procedures outlined in these guidelines.) At the request of either the committee, the unit's faculty, or the academic administrator, a meeting to discuss recommendations should be held.


    It is the responsibility of the dean to notify a successful candidate in writing of the offer of employment.

    Three copies of a Memorandum of Personal Service will accompany the letter of offer.