Holiday Provisions for Intercollegiate Athletic Staff Employees, and University Police and Public Safety Sworn Staff Employees

HR34 – Holiday Provisions for Intercollegiate Athletics Staff Employees

The holidays as outlined in HR34 do not apply to Intercollegiate Athletics (ICA) Staff Employees. Such employees who are in standing and fixed-term I appointments will earn service day time in lieu of University holidays. The following provisions apply to such service day time:

- Service day time will be earned on the following schedule*

January 1 Twenty Four (24) hours
May 1 Eight (8) hours
June 1 Eight (8)
July 1 Eight (8) hours
September 1 Eight (8) hours
November 1 Eight (8) hours
December 1 Forty-Eight (48) hours

*New hires into ICA in a month with a Service day time accrual will receive that month’s Service day time accrual upon their date of hire, and will then follow the outlined schedule, with the exception of December accruals. A newly hired ICA Staff Employee commencing employment in the month of December will receive only eight (8) hours of service day time accrual for that month, and will be immediately eligible for the January service day time accruals.

- Employees may carry a maximum balance of 160hours of service day time.

- Service day time (accruals and maximums) will be prorated based on the employee’s annual FTE for HR105 employees.

ICA Staff Employees must use accrued service day or vacation time to account for time off on a University holiday when the employee is not required to work that day.

ICA Staff Employees who are on an approved unpaid leave of absence continue to accrue service day time while in unpaid leave status. All other accruals are handled in accordance with HR34.

An ICA Staff Employee who terminates from University employment will receive the cash value of unused service day time (up to the maximum allowable balance), provided the employee has completed their probationary period.

Employees who transfer within a work unit, under the same service day plan, will maintain accrued service day time balance, up to allowable plan maximums. When an employee transfers between work units within the University, service day time will not transfer and is paid out at the time of transfer (up to the maximum allowable balance); this includes employees who transfer from one service day plan to another service day plan. When an employee transfers from a holiday-granting work unit to a service day work unit, they will not be provided with a pro-rated beginning service day time balance; however, employees will receive the service day accrual for the month of the transfer in accordance with the schedule outlined above.

(Effective 7/1/2022; Published 7/1/2022)


HR34 – Holiday Provisions for Sworn Staff Employees Located within University Police and Public Safety

Employees in University Policy and Public Safety should consult with Unit Human Resources for information on specific holiday provisions. 


Date Approved: 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Date Published: 

Friday, July 1, 2022

Effective Date: 

Friday, July 1, 2022