Financial Policies

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Substantiation, Disclosure and Accountability for the Receipt of Contributions from Non-Governmental Sources

Student Group Travel Policy


To state the approval guidelines that apply to any international group travel sponsored by the University.

This policy applies only to group travel. Arrangements for individual students to travel abroad for educational purposes (research, internship, collecting data for research, etc.) are not covered by this policy.

Policy for Handling and Distributing Confidential Internal Audit Reports and Other Documents


  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Definition of Terms
  • Policy
  • Sanctions
  • Further Information

    To establish policy for the proper manner in which Confidential Internal Audit Reports and Confidential Other Internal Audit Documents can be distributed, as well as limiting such distribution to unauthorized external and internal parties.

    Contracts and Leases


  • Purpose
  • Scope and Authority
  • Limited Delegation of Signature Authority
  • Further Information

    To state the authority for signing contractual documents which include, but are not limited to: agreements, contracts, leases (for real estate or equipment), construction documents, entertainment industry contracts, academic affiliation and research collaboration agreements, and agreements for the utilization of non-Penn State property.