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Academic Policies

AC17 Sabbatical Leave (Formerly HR17)
AC24 Professional Dual Titles for Research Rank Faculty – Retired (Formerly HR24)
AC25 Emeritus Status (Formerly HR25)
AC61 Faculty Contracts (Formerly HR61)
AC64 Academic Freedom (Formerly HR64)

Academic Guidelines


Administrative Policies

AD33 A Drug-Free Workplace – Under Review
AD82 Classroom Scheduling – Under Review

Administrative Guidelines


The implementation of SIMBA requires the evaluation of all University Financial Policies and Guidelines.  After consultation with key constituencies, work will be underway to update, consolidate, and improve our policies to better serve you. Please be aware that due to volume, all policies may not be updated to reflect changes which have been communicated; however, policies will be updated with appropriate and applicable effective dates. Thank you for your patience as we work through this process.

Financial Policies

FN05 Operating Cash Funds – Under Review
FN08 Refunds – Under Review
FN09 Scholarships – Under Review

Financial Guidelines